WN Abstract Wine Bottles

WN Abstract Wine Bottles on cork. I fused SF101 stabilizer to the back of the cork. Embroidered the 8 X 10 design onto the cork using a topper to keep stitches raised. Framed with glass as it was to be hung in a kitchen


wow amazing work!! Do you mind adding/posting a close-up picture?

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This is a request for a close up for detail of stitching.


thank you kindly, is truly beautiful !!! :sunglasses: :heart_eyes: :rose:

Wow that looks so good…and thank you for the information on how to stitch this design out on Cork. I have never stitched on cork, but now I need to try it… but first I must get the design.

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The cork makes this so amazing!


Love this. I’m in agreement with everyone’s comments. I’ve only stitched on cork once. Is it necessary to use added stabilizer to back of cork?

I fused 101 to the back before stitching. I made this for my son in his new home and he loves it!

Why did you fuse 101 to back? I thought cork would be stable as is. I’ve fused 101 on cotton. Did you have to use extra care when fusing onto cork backing? I’ve only done a tiny simple stitch design on cork and just hooped it using sticky back stabilizer.

I just thought that is would help to hold the shape of design as it stitches out. I guess I just used the same care to fuse as I always do. I just try different ways to handle fabric or materials that I want to embroidery to find better ways. I just did several jackets, I entered them, and fused 101 to make sure they did not stretch.

Thanks. Info helped. I also use 101 to fuse back of fabrics. It really helps. I haven’t worked on cork except for one little project. I can’t wait to try something like you did. Yours was stunning! Again, thanks for response.

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