Wedding Quilt Gift

Kara’s Bridal lines are my go to for wedding gift quilts! They stitch up quickly and are large enough to fill the quilt square. I love being able to use black & white for wedding quilts.





Tried to add the pictures as stated but website said use reply.

Let me check this out. This is a new system for me, so I’m learning it just like you. :slight_smile:

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Hi MsKara! thanks I found it! Tried to ad other pics to show quilt but had to ad in comments. I hope everyone likes my quilt. I dont know anyone else who Embroiders! lol I love your designs especially the quick line designs that arent super “intense”!!! Thanks for your help! Crazykat!!

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Hi ! I just remembered I DID send a request to you quite a while ago. Could you possibly do men in tuxes to go with the bridal women? Like a man holding a rose, or mans hand holding a ring in a box, etc. I would LOVE to add these to the single women blocks in the quilts I do!!! Thanks! crazykat323

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I love this feedback! Yes, I will keep trying to make some quick line drawings. I do enjoy the speed as well! Its lighter and gets the message across cleanly. :slight_smile: I love the feedback!

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I love this idea too! I have a bunch still on my digitizing list, but I’m slowly working through them! Stay tuned and I’ll try to get them finish for you soon. :slight_smile:

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