My first embroidery

Hello from Australia :slight_smile:
This was my very first embroidery project a couple of years ago - well it started off as a test run on some left over pink linen fabric. I was so chuffed when I’d finished it - right up until I discovered that I’d caught the top corner of the fabric in the back of the hoop…which I then made worse trying to get it out… so I ended up with a small hole in my fabric!

Not to be deterred, I thought ‘well I’ll just cover my hole with another flower’ - so i manoeuvered it back into the hoop and moved through the design till i got to the flower section, then sewed just the flower and outline over my hole :slight_smile:

Even after all that, i was still so proud of my first embroidery, I decided to find a tunic pattern which had a separate bodice piece so i could make it into a top which you can see in the pictures. I’m really looking forward to expanding my embroidery adventures next year when i retire :slight_smile:

This was made with one of KBK’s free designs.

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