Lizzard up the Back

Free Lizard Pattern on the back of a youth shirt.
Hooped light weight mesh stabilizer. Marked center on stabilizer with wash away marker.
Prewashed shirt. I did not mark the inside of this shirt to line up since I was ok with wherever the lizard landed, but if I did, I would mark a + on the inside of the shirt where I want the design to be. Use 505 spray and aligning all the markings on the stabilizer with the shirt. I always forget to add a water soluble topper, but that helps keep the stitches up on the shirt.
Use an embroidery ball point needled on shirts to avoid holes!
Stitched out beautifully!
Cut off the extra stabilizer. I added a little fabric marker to give the lizard another dimension.
One excited little boy is going to LOVE his new shirt.

*Design: " Lizard Free Embroidery Designs"
(Lizard Free Embroidery Designs Machine Embroidery Designs Kreations by Kara Embroidery Designs)


This is so cute! Especially because I like lizards…there are the cutest little ones that run around our property in the Mojave Desert. :lizard: My grandchildren love getting shirts with lizards and snakes, etc. embroidered on them :green_heart: :snake: :cactus:


Here is a picture of my son wearing his shirt.