Halloween Reversible Tote

This is my submission for the competition. Most of the designs are from Kreations by Kara. I wanted to make a Halloween tote for someone that really likes Halloween but reversible so she could still use it when it’s not Halloween. It has one large pocket with 3 smaller pockets on the non-Halloween side.

Most Designs came from Kreations by Kara. The letters were from Embroidery Legacy and the Applique Hat was from Embroidery Designs. I Embroidered the Straps with Kara’s Spider Web Border. I used Cotton fabric for the Halloween side and Heavy-Duty Outdoor Fabric for the other side. I used fusible fleece on the inside of the tote.
Thank You


Nice job. Great for trick or treating or the reverse side for a day at the beach

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wow, great work !!! Looks beautiful !!!

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These are the links to the designs I used from Kreations by Kara.