Coneflower Inspiration

When I saw this design I envisioned a coneflower out in my desert yard. I once again used waxed canvas and selected different nature fabrics that I’ve had in my stash for awhile. Applique is so rewarding! I taped it around a thin piece of wood that fit in the frame. This is my favorite Kara applique design so far :purple_heart::butterfly:



So beautiful! What is waxed canvas? Is there an advantage to using that? Doesn’t it gunk up your machine?
Again Beautiful!!!

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Thank you! I use waxed canvas for bag making, usually for the lining, but decided to try it as my canvas for this design. It doesn’t pucker and the stitches don’t sink on it. It’s a thinner canvas and the backing is smooth but hasn’t affected the needles at all. I get it from Your Vinyl Source.

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