ASC Ribbon Tree Christmas Pillow - one of two

After pricing various velvet type fabrics, I purchased these pillow covers on Amazon more reasonably and was very pleased with the result. I opened the side seams and slit the top open to keep the fabric flat and not disturb the bottom zippered seam. I backed the entire top section to be embroidered with fusible interfacing and hooped cutaway in an 8x12 hoop. I did use a basting stitch to hold, that later did not show in the synthetic velvet. Stitched out beautifully using metallic and poly embroidery thread with a Microtex sharp 80/12 needle. A trick I learned about placement worked well…it said to place the design on a pillow about 1/2 inch higher than horizontal center line since the pillow squishes (technical term) down a bit. Also I did taper the corners a bit to prevent “dog ears”. Laundered very well, and NO puckers!!


Great job! I think I will have to try this.

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