2023 Embroidery Competition Directions and Awards


We here at KreationsByKara are hosting an embroidery competition for everyone! This competition will allow us to share our creativity with each other, stimulate new ideas, and win some fun prizes! There is $1500 of prizes available for people to win! You may share your post with your friends, family, and sewing guilds so that more people can vote for your entries. A vote is a vote!

To be eligible for the competition, you must make a submission of some type of stitch work project that you enjoyed making yourself. You must have embroidered the piece yourself. The entry must have at least one of KreationsByKara’s embroidery designs in it. This can included any collections, singles, BIN files, or free designs (no purchase necessary). Murals, bags, ornaments, shirts, hats, quilts, and any other creative items are all encouraged! How creative can you be?

For this first ever embroidery competition, if you have pictures of old designs you made in the past, you MAY use them here as long as you yourself made them! Show us all what you’ve done in the past!

There is no limit to how many submissions you can make. There is also no limit to how many of the five awards you can win. Please place one design in one submission. If you want to submit multiple entries, you may. In that case, please submit them as separate posts and not all at once in a single post.

High quality pictures are encouraged; people like to see what you’ve done so spend a little time photographing them to present your work well so you get more votes.

Awards will be presented as gift cards to be used for the winner to get more designs on KreationsByKara.com. A certificate of your award will also be mailed to you as well as a surprise.

Submissions may be made from July 19, 2023 until August 30th. The sooner you submit though, the more people will see your work and you’ll have more of a chance to win the Popular Choice award.

Popular choice award - $500
This winner will be elected from our community. Everyone can vote by clicking the little heart under the submission. The person at the end of the competition with the most hearts wins! :blush:

Best directions award - $250
Teaching embroidery and sharing creativity with others is extremely important to me. Our team will give this award to the person who creates the best post with the most complete directions on how they made their design, what materials they used, and tips they can share with the community.

Most creative award - $250
Pushing the envelope to be creative is a key principle of stitchers and artists. Our team will give this award to the most creative submission. Maybe you have paint included. Or ink. Or interesting fabric. Or a creative garment. Surprise us, push the limits, and share your creativity with the world!

Most difficult award - $250
Are you the technically skilled type? This category is made for the most advanced stitchers among us. If you want to compete against some other advanced stitchers for a prize (as well as some playful bragging rights), this is your category. This category is set for people who really want to compete to win and show-off what they can do. Difficulty can be in the construction of the goods, sewing, design, quilting, or technique used.

Lucky-luck-luck Award - $250
I feel lucky to have found embroidery early on, and even more lucky to be able to make new designs and friends in our stitching space. :blush: This award is randomly assigned and will be selected by our computer system. Every single submission counts as an entry for this award. The more submissions you make, the more chances the computer system selects you to be the lucky random winner. Remember though, one design per submission! If you submit the same design twice, both designs will be disqualified.

Everyone Award - 65% off your order coupon
This award will be given to EVERYONE who makes a valid submission. You will get a coupon of 65% off your digital order including ALL Collections, ALL Singles, ALL Lace, ALL Applique designs. Also, you will be getting a code for a special free design made just from me to you as a thank you for participating and building the creativity in our stitching community.

The Embroidery Competition website is a separate website from KreationsByKara and does not have access to your other sign in information. It is only for the competition. You will need to make a new log-in to join the competition. To make an account, you can use your same login details, or change them.


Click this button on the main page to get started:

Videos for directions are below:
[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75vOBA8zIRw](https://Embroidery Competition Directions Video 1)


I entered this competition. Think i did as asked but dont see my quilt anymore. It was there a few days ago!

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If you are talking about the wedding quilt, it is still there. Go to Topics…you should see your quilt.


Hiya Crazykat323!

(I love the name, my kitty is crazy too! :blush: )

It should be posted still! Can you no longer see it?

This is a new platform for me; I’m still learning how to use it too. What do you think of it?

I apologize for not understanding the contest? Some of it is unclear to me anyways! Has the voting ended? Or can I still share to get more votes. I found the platform a bit confusing but a learning curve sometimes is required I suppose.

Thank you for any and all assistance!

Hi, Dayna, the competition ended Aug 30, 2023. So I am assuming no more submitting, but I see at least ten submitted pictures after the deadline. As far, as voting, I am not sure, but in my opinion, the voting should be the same date of Aug. 30, 2023.
Quote: " Deadline:
Submissions may be made from July 19, 2023 until August 30th. The sooner you submit though, the more people will see your work and you’ll have more of a chance to win the Popular Choice award."

Thank you so much for your reply. That was my thought process but it is not clear in the directions. I think it should of been a submission cut off date and then a vote until date. Just my 2 cents!

Have an amazing day! Dayna

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Dayna, You are welcome. I agree with you…maybe if they do this again, they will consider your suggestion.

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I just figured out no one could see the grey/white heart to click on it! they are all looking for a red heart!

" Dayna
September 5

I just figured out no one could see the grey/white heart to click on it! they are all looking for a red heart! So anywhooo I got them all to view it lol so I’m at the top! that is a win for me! Mine is probably the most unique lol in my humble opinion…"

Dayna…I see you jumped a head of me. Your design is nice.I was ahead in views for weeks…and the most viewed at the closing of the contest. Congratulations.

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When will the winners be announced? I’m interested in the 65% off coupon.

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We are judging right now actually! Its taking a while since there are more submissions that we thought! So exciting! :slight_smile: